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Do you have concerns about the heartburn you feel after every meal? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans have acid reflux and benefit from treatment. At Texas Digestive Disease Consultants in The Woodlands, Magnolia, Conroe, and Willis, Texas, patient-centered gastroenterologist Ilyas Memon, MD, provides customized acid reflux treatment to ease your symptoms. Find out more about acid reflux treatment by calling the office or booking an appointment online today. 

What is acid reflux?

Acid reflux describes when the acidic contents of your stomach regurgitate up into your esophagus, causing a burning or painful sensation. 

After you swallow food, it travels down the esophagus to the stomach. When it reaches the end of the esophagus, the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) — a group of muscles — opens so food can pass, and then it quickly closes. 

Acid reflux occurs if the LES fails to fully close and the contents of the stomach reflux up. This symptom is common and may happen from time to time after eating a large meal or spicy food. 

However, if you have acid reflux on a regular basis, more than twice a week, then you need acid reflux treatment. This means you have chronic acid reflux, which is a disease called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

What is acid reflux treatment?

Acid reflux treatment includes the tools that can help you manage your discomfort. Dr. Memon is an experienced gastroenterologist who takes a holistic approach to care. 

When you come in with concerns about acid reflux, whether your symptoms are mild or severe, he takes the time to examine your whole health.

His approach to digestive health allows him to design a comprehensive acid reflux treatment that eases your symptoms and benefits your overall health.

When should I seek acid reflux treatment?

You should seek acid reflux treatment with Dr. Memon if your heartburn is a regular problem or over-the-counter (OTC) medications fail to ease your symptoms. 

When left untreated, GERD may cause other health complications, such as:

  • Esophagitis
  • Esophageal spasms
  • Esophageal strictures
  • Barrett’s esophagus
  • Esophageal cancer

Dr. Memon can create a treatment plan that eases your symptoms and reduces your risk of more serious complications.

If Dr. Memon has concerns about acid reflux complications, he performs an upper endoscopy to evaluate the soft tissue and look for signs of damage.

What are some types of acid reflux treatment?

Dr. Memon customizes your acid reflux treatment plan based on his findings from your initial consultation. In most cases, you can get relief from your symptoms by making changes to your lifestyle, such as:

  • Eating smaller meals
  • Avoiding foods that trigger reflux (spicy foods, caffeine)
  • Not eating too close to bedtime
  • Wearing loose-fitting clothing
  • Weight loss

When lifestyle changes fail to ease your acid reflux, Dr. Memon may recommend medication to reduce stomach acid production or improve the function of the LES.

To schedule your acid reflux treatment consultation, call Texas Digestive Disease Consultants or book an appointment online today.